Construction Updates

We’re very excited to share the latest updates on construction at Luana Garden Villas. Check back often for the latest on the highly anticipated final opportunity to own at Honua Kai Resort & Spa.

March 2019

All exterior doors and windows have been installed in Buildings 1 and 2 of Enclave One, and interior finishing work has begun, including tiles, doors, trim, and cabinets.

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February 2019

The common amenity area of Enclave One, the Hawaiian Garden Enclave, is taking shape as the pool and jacuzzi are being formed.

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January 2019

All buildings in Enclave One have been completely framed, all garage roofs are on, and pool excavation has begun, so you can really get a sense of scale at Luana Garden Villas.

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December 2018

Roofing on Buildings 1, 2, and 3 is complete and windows are now installed on Building 1. Enclave Two is well underway as well, with framing started on Building 7.

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November 2018

In Enclave 1, all buildings have framing and are going vertical. Buildings 1 and 2 have the roofing tiles being put on, and Building 3 is following closely.

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October 2018

Construction is moving along quickly at Luana Garden Villas.  The rooflines of Buildings 1 and 2 can now be seen above the construction fence. Framing on Buildings 3 and 4 is well underway as Enclave 1 takes shape.

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August 2018

You can now see every Building in Enclave One laid out: framing on the first two Buildings, foundations underway for Buildings 3 and 4, underground utilities going in at Building 5, and prep work for footings at Building 6.

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July 2018

Crews have been busy this summer, and we are now really starting to see things take shape. Building 1 has started going vertical, with the first structural steel posts and beams in place.

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