Click play to watch a timelapse video of Luana taking shape.



Interior finish work is progressing in Enclave One. You can now see the color schemes and design features of Building 1 Villas as paint, cabinets, countertops, and appliances are installed. Buildings 2 and 3 have tile, doors, and trim being installed. The drywall is almost completed in Building 4 and drywall activities have started in Building 5, with mechanical work underway in Building 5 and 6.



Enclave Two’s landscape is changing daily as framing and roofing continue. Buildings 8 and 9 have plumbing and gas lines being installed. Framing is complete in Building 10, and roofing tiles will be installed this month. Building 11’s truss work will begin soon. The foundation has been poured in Building 12, with structural steel installation is ongoing. Building 13’s foundation is formed and will be poured soon. You can also see Enclave Three taking shape as the layout for the foundation in Building 14 begins and the utility installation is completed.